Dues & Fees

Expected Costs

Troop 380 incurs costs for registration and the charter to the Boy Scouts of America, as well as Scout Handbooks, activity shirts, program materials and event expenses. To fund this, we either need to engage in fundraising projects, or charge fees for annual registration and events. We are always looking for ideas for fundraising projects. Please attend a committee meeting with any proposals. Payments can be made either in person via cash, check or credit-card, or online at the Troop 380 Square Market.

Registration & Dues

Each Scout in Troop 380 will renew her membership in December of each year, but since Scouts BSA will begin welcoming girls in February, there will be some pro-rated registration and dues structure in place. Below is an example of the previous year:

Youth Dues $125.00*

Includes a Class B T-Shirt, Scouting magazine subscription, and badges and awards received.

Parents & Guardians

Parents are highly encouraged to register with the Troop and help support the Troop Committee. There are plenty of roles for all skill and experience levels from the complete novice to Eagle Scouts.

Adult Registration: FREE*

Allows adults to participate in all scouting events as well.

Scouting for All

There are many reasons why today's youth may not be able to participate in various activities, but Troop 380 works to ensure that financial hardship is not one of them. All scouts should be able to enjoy the leadership, skill and character development that Scouting offers. Our uniformed adult volunteers are available to consider any financial need in a supportive and confidential manner.